The Centre was officially opened in 1988 by Princess Anne and ran successfully for many years. In 2010 it was closed for refurbishment and was re-opened by Linvoy Primus in 2011. The Havelock is now a modern centre with a wide variety of activities and options for hire available.

We are a non-profit charity, therefore all the profits are put back into the community. This enables us to manage the ongoing costs of the building and make improvements.

The community centre is managed by a volunteer management committee who are elected at the annual AGM in November. The committee elected in November 2017 are:

Chair:          Janice O’Neill
Vice Chair: Ken Bennett
Secretary:  Jenny Bennett
Treasurer: Dr Frances Barry
Cashier:      Janet Slade


Maureen Greenslade
Mags Hider
Nita Care
Shirley Mundy
Maureen Greenspan

 Centre Administrator: Emma Kirby